1. Studio 4

Studio 4

Unique Sewing

Studio 4 holds our very own Unique Sewing room! Here members work on their vocational skills, improving their knowledge and understanding in sewing, knitting, embroidery and so much more!
Teaming with the Printing group, members also create wonderful handmade items, that they sell on market stalls throughout the year. Standish markets being one of our big events we create products for each year. 

The members have also worked along side the Ladies from Project Linus, Wigan & Leigh. The group create their own quilts that later get donated to hospitals for poorly children. The members love this job as they are helping others in need and take great pride in their final quilt designs.

Hope Cinema

We have an in-house cinema with many thanks to GF Holding. 

On a tour around One Vision, Jeff Barton and his brother Martin, we shared our dream of having our own cinema, one day. We enjoyed chatting and spending time with Martin and Jeff until they went on their way. Later that day Natalie received a call from Jeff Barton. Little did we know, at the time, that Jeff worked for a company GF Holding, that build amazing cinemas, Bars, Casinos etc. around the world. Natalie and Kevin could not believe what Jeff was offering. Jeff Barton on behalf of GF Holding and partners offered to donate and build One Vision their very own cinema.
This seemed unbelievable at the time but true to their word, they fulfilled their promise. They successfully designed and built a cinema beyond our dreams. We are over the moon with the results. This team of businesses have truly changed peoples’ lives, for the better.
Now our members can use the cinema to experience a real life cinema, work on projects, show other groups their film and media projects ect. We are so grateful to have this amazing cinema right on our door step!


We have our very own music studio in Studio 4. Each week our music teacher Karl comes to One Vision and teaches the members musical performance skills. From drumming to singing, Guitar to keyboard, the members have a number of options they can choose from.
Members have put shows on in the past, showcasing their amazing talents.