1. Activities

Our Activities

The education and training program at One Vision is split into sections; Film & Media, Performing Arts, Health & Well being, Task masters, Bright sparks, Sensorial superstars, Sensory explorers &  Education. The sections cover a wide range of activities which often interlink. We encourage project members to participate in all the activities to allow for more informed decision making when it comes to choosing projects to work on. To find out more about the activities on offer through the week download our timetable here.

Film & Media

Using our state of the art TV studio and Green screen as well as a fully equipped computer room we offer a wide variety of media activities throughout the week. See below for some of the sessions offered.

Camera Training

In the media sessions our students learn how to use the film camera. They progress more and more each week, the students even film our annual films that end up the big screen.


Computer Training

Our Learning Resource Centre offers students the ability to develop their media skills through prop research, script writing, video editing and video production.

Film Production

In our Film and Media studio students work throughout the year on a major feature film that is shown at UGC cinemas on Robin Park, Wigan.


Our photography studio gives students chance to work both behind and in front of the camera, enabling students to work on technical media skills or build confidence.


Throughout the week our students take part in a music workshop where they learn so many skills and show off their talents! We offer guitar lessons, singing lessons, piano lessons etc. Every year we put on our own christmas concert that you can come along to.

Cast And Crew

Behind the scenes of our blockbuster films is a huge crew of students that make sure everything comes together. This includes, Lighting, Boom mic, Audio, Clapperboard, Director and so many more!

Green Screen

Our students love to use the Greenscreen and be in control of researching, uploading and changing backgrounds to fit the scene.

Construction & Propshop

Our woodwork and construction studio allows members to gain experience in a real life workshop. With supervision and guidance members are able to use tools to construct props for films as well as stock for our One Vision shop. We also offer more outdoorsy sessions in gardening and maintenance as well as linking with the Canal Trust


Our Construction studio is where students can hone their construction skills making various props for our annual films through design, woodwork and textiles.

Prop Shop

Our Prop Shop studio offers real work experience to students using the various activities available to create costumes and props for our annual feature film.

Task Masters

Our group of ‘Task Masters’ ensure that One Vision is always looking its best. They’re always hands on completing odd jobs around the site, painting, fixing, gardening, changing lightblubs you name it!

Canal Trust

Our new link up with Canal Trust has been thoroughly enjoyed by our members. The link enable students to access the community and work on maintaining the canal whilst improving team building skills and confidence


At One Vision our site offers a lot of space for gardening, this allows students to develop horticultural skills through tending to the grounds offering a real work experience for our maintenance team.

Car Washing

At the Car Wash students get a feel of what it is like to work as a real Car Wash Attendant. Staff pay for their cars to be washed and cleaned and they always come out sparkling.

Unique Sewing

Our Arts & Crafts programme encompasses a wide range of activities allowing students to get creative. Take a look at some of the sessions on offer below

Art And Craft

Our Arts and Crafts studio allows students to develop tactile skills, some of our older students prefer the quieter environment that Arts and Crafts offers.


In our Sewing studio students can develop their work experience using sewing machines to make everything from costumes for our annual videos to products to sell in our shop.


In our Sewing studio students have developed their creative skills with knitting. They have made hats, scarves and gloves that have been used for costumes, christmas crafts and on our stalls.

Bead Art

Using the Hamma beads our students have created amazing pieces of work taking their time to carefully put together amazing art work!


Students have the opportunity to gain experience in a floristry studio creating products for our One Vision shop or seasonal stock throughout the year

Character Creation

Our character creation sessions teach students skills in hair dressing and makeup artistry allowing students the ability to create their own characters for TV and film. Salon training is also provided to gain real work experience in our state of the art salon.

Hair And Beauty

In our Hair and Beauty studio students are offered the chance to develop their skills in theatrical makeup, hair dressing whilst taking part in therapeutic sessions.

Makeup Artistry

Using the salon our members are able to research and apply stage makeup for our productions and TV programmes

Nail Art

In the salon our Students learn a range of different skills one being learning nail art, they get each other ready for the big screen!


Our students learn a range of massage techniques practicing on each other ensuring they are relaxed and ready for the day.

Health & Wellbeing

As part of the Health and Wellbeing programme we are keen to promote fitness as part of leading a happy healthy lifestyle. We also have a catering studio which enables students to learn hospitality skills to promote independent living skills.


Our Cooking studio offers students the chance to develop their independent living skills through preparing and cooking meals for students to purchase in the canteen.


Students use the kitchen to learn lots of new baking skills that they can bring home and use to create the perfect sweet treat.

Football Tournament

One Vision are actively involved in the Frenkel Topping Lancashire FA Ability Counts League is an opportunity for players with a Disability/Impairments in Lancashire and the surrounding areas to become involved in football.

Dance Studio

Our Dance studio offers students the chance to take part in performing arts, dance and fitness classes promoting healthy and well being.


At One Vision the different activity groups come together at various times of the day to develop their social skills, students are encouraged to socialise and develop friendships and relationships with one another.


As part of our independent living skills programme students go out into the community with our staff to shop for their projects. This could be buying food for the catering groups, tools for our woodwork studio, costumes for our films and any other goodies we may need.


At One Vision students are actively involved in fundraising in a number of different ways such as upcycling products to sell in our shop together with products made in the sewing studio and woodwork studio.


Through the week Members take part in Multisport sessions where they complete circuits keeping themselves fit and healthy!


Our Students love to use our therapeutic sensory room to have some time out, have a stretch and relax, gaze at all the different lights or even get lost in a sensory story!

Rebound Therapy

Every Friday a group of our students head off to Robin Park to take part in a rebound therapy session where they get the chance to improve their skills stretch out, use the balance beams, wedges and trampolines.


To find out more about the range of activities on offer throughout the week take a look at our timetable