1. Studio 2

Hopes & Dreams theatre

One Visions' most recent addition is our 'Hopes & Dreams' theatre. A fully kitted out theatre where our members can put on shows and performances, complete with a seating area, for family and friends to come and watch performances. Through the week the members enjoy dancing and singing sessions in the Theatre, we have also had a ballet bar fitted.

Green screen studio

Our Green screen studio is also in Studio 2. In here we create all our films and video projects. Members work on their acting and performance skills, learn camera and editing skills, work on music and sound.  The crew behind the camera work as directors, camera operators, lighting and sound engineers, costume and prop designers, hairdressers and beauticians. 

We have a TV studio where members can film each other broadcasting the news and weather. 

Health & Wellbeing

In studio 2 we also have our Health and Wellbeing department. These sessions focus on keeping our body and our minds healthy.
Louise our Head of department for Health and Wellbeing organises trips out where the members can get in touch with nature, enjoy each others company with 'walk and talk' sessions and take in the fresh air to keep our mind and bodies healthy.
Each week the members attend Rebound therapy sessions at Robin Park, each members works towards their own targets following their Winstrada Programmes.
Louise, along with the support staff, hold sports sessions at One Vision, where members take part in circuits, morning exercise sessions, sports games. The members use our house to work on their independent living skills and make their own dinner, The group work towards making healthy choices.