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    1 January 2024 (by One Vision (admin))

    In December our Performing Arts group put on a magical show.. read more about it here.

    In December 2023, Our wonderful performing arts group put on an amazing show in our brand new ‘Hopes and Dreams’ theatre. The members in the Performing Arts sessions throughout the week, along with Megan and Rachael, our performing arts teachers, worked together to put on the most magical show to finish the year.

    They put on performances from a number of different musicals such as Grease, Annie, The Lion King, Chicago and finished with a show-stopping finale from ‘Everybody’s talking about Jamie.’

    The team has worked hard for month and months learning about each musical and practising choreography, learning so many new songs and putting it all together to showcase on the night, and what an amazing job they did! We are so proud of all the members and staff involved!

    One Vision members and staff, from all departments, helped to bring the show together. Unique sewing hand-made costumes that where showcased on the night, from personalised jumpers, Lion king accessories, mermaid tails and so much more! Natalie created some gorgeous dressed that the members showed off in their finale performance. You could see how amazing the members felt with the smiles on their faces.

    Prop shop created so many amazing sets that really Brought the stage to life on the night. They created a reversible, light up, car for Grease, backdrops for Annie, Jellyfish for under the sea, Lion King heads that really added that extra wow factor to the dance and so much more!

    Brightsparks helped to get the theatre together, Raymond, Lewis and Aaron worked alongside Stuart and Joanna, installing lighting, curtains, smoke machines, sound equipment ect. On the night Lewis and Raymond stayed behind to help out behind the scenes of the show, putting on the correct music, playing videos, changing the lights to the right colour, ensuring the sound was right. What an amazing job they did.

    Sensorial superstars put on an ‘Under the sea’ performance. Rebecca, Kath, Megan, Carina and Joanna came together to show their wonderful under the sea dance, Tracy even debuted her take on , Thriller, Michael Jackson, dressed as Ursula and wowed the crowd with her moves!

    Film crew created many amazing videos that where played on the night, many members and staff from different groups came together and had fun filming sign-a-long videos and music videos. They spent months planning, filming & editing everything together. They also got the backgrounds together that were played all through-out the show. Well done everyone for all your hard work!

    We also had some special guests on the night from ‘Miss Sutcliffe’s academy of dance’ who performed some beautiful dances and ‘Marsh green chaplaincy team’ who kept everyone entertained as they entered One Vision, singing Christmas carols.

    Thank you to everyone who helped bring the show to life and for everybody’s hard work!

    A big thank you to Kevin and Natalie for giving us the opportunity to put on this amazing show, We can’t wait for many more in the future!

    Below is a link to our sign-a-long video that was played on the night!

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